The Rumors behind Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra’s affair has been highly publicized.  There are many reports that claimed that SRK and Priyanka became very close to each other during the shooting of Don. Although Shah Rukh was married to Gauri, he reportedly fell for the actress and vice versa. Don originally hit the silver screen in 2006, rumors of the affair between SRK and Chopra are traced back to that movie set. Has an affair been happening since then?

SRK who is arguably one of the most popular actors in India with a reported 600M USD network and a report of his accumulated salary per year over $72M/ year. Gauri also has a reported net-worth of 220M USD. Making one of Bollywoods most expensive divorces with a total over 800M USD.

When the rumors started to come to light – Gauri made a strong diktat that Shah Rukh would never work with Priyanka ever again. This was a big blow to Bollywood as Priyanka and SRK are some of Indias most beloved actors. The real question is what happens with Guri’s and SRK’s 3 children.

Interesting Facts Prior to the Divorce:

One such instance is when PeeCee on a Hollywood chat show had said that she still has her ex-boyfriend’s brown jacket. What made the statement interesting is many of the fans claimed to have seen SRK wearing such a jacket in the past. Hence, it was believed that Priyanka was referring to Shah Rukh as her former beau.

There are some throwback videos on YouTube as well which shows King Khan asking Priyanka to marry him, of course on a funny note. First, he made such a gesture during her Miss India contest in 2000, where Shah Rukh was a member of the judging panel.

He had a similar proposal to Priyanka during one award show. Shah Rukh was seen proposing to her by singing a song. A blushed Priyanka then had replied by saying, “The answer to this question does not lie in any song nor in words.”

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